Top 5 Best Baby Swings (2020 Review)

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Looking for the best baby swings in 2020?

We've got you covered! 🙂

In this guide you can expect to learn:

  • What are baby swings and how they work
  • The various types of baby swings that exist
  • What makes a good baby swing vs a bad baby swing?
  • Our top 5 favorite swings in 2020
best baby swings

What's not to love about something that has the ability to entertain and soothe your baby, while giving you a few minutes to take a little breather at the same time? Baby swings can be incredibly useful for fussy babies and overwhelmed moms alike.

We love anything that makes the lives of moms a little easier and baby swings definitely fall into this category.

The perfect tool for calming baby's qualms and smoothing over mom's frayed nerves, baby swings top our baby gear wish list.

Now, if only we could find one that makes coffee, too. Just saying...

Top 5 Best Baby Swings

Short on time? We understand. Check out this quick overview of our favorite baby swings.

What Are The Baby Swings and How Do They Work?

From bare-bones basic to mind-bendingly fancy, there's a massive selection of baby swings out there.

They all have one common function, though, and that is to calm your baby through a mechanized swinging motion. Most come with music and toys as well, to entertain baby during waking hours.

All baby swings are comprised of at least 3 basic elements:

  • The Frame
  • The Motor
  • The Seat

Do You Need a Baby Swing In Your House?

Are baby swings a must-have baby essential?

Well, probably not. With lots of love, attention and tender care your baby will do just fine without one.

That said, the first few months of baby's life can be challenging - even for the most experienced parents. Newborns are expected to cry for between 1-2 hours per day and trying to establish a sleep schedule that doesn't just work for baby, but for you too, can sometimes feel like a waking nightmare. Baby swings have the potential to make this trying time a whole lot easier, both for babies and parents, and many consider baby swings to be a life-saving tool during this bumpy transitional phase.

Checkout the below video for some more tips if you're not sure if a baby swing is right for you home.

In the next few paragraphs we'll cover everything you need to know to choose the best baby swing for you and your baby.

What're The Types of Baby Swings?

Although there's a wide variety of baby swings to choose from, there are actually only 2 basic types:

Full-size Baby Swings

These baby swings often take up a lot of space and are generally designed to stay in one chosen spot. Full-size baby swings typically have very sturdy frames that are nearly impossible to accidentally knock over.

The motor will usually be positioned at the top of the swing, allowing for a fuller range of motion. This means a longer, smoother (and more sleep-inducing!) swinging motion that most babies can't resist.

In full-size swings the seat is usually well off the floor. This means that even as your baby grows, their feet won't drag on the floor.

Full-size baby swings are more expensive than portable baby swings, but when you take into consideration the fact that your baby will be able to use it for an extended period of time (thanks to the additional height), the extra cost more than balances itself out.


Did You Know?

Did you know that baby swings are extremely helpful in getting your baby on a regular sleep schedule and can be a great alternative if swaddling and other techniques aren't working!

Portable Baby Swings

These are also known as travel swings and are considerably smaller than full-size swings. They're also a lot more affordable and if budget, space and mobility are your key considerations, a portable swing might be the right choice for you.

Portable baby swings are designed to be just that - portable. They usually fold closed, making them easy to pack or store.

Due to their smaller size, the motor is typically located on the side of the swing, resulting in a somewhat more limited range of swinging motion.

Another important factor to take into consideration is the fact that portable baby swing seats sit much lower/closer to the floor than full-size swings. This means that as your baby grows their feet are more likely to touch the floor and, if your baby is still enjoying the mellowing effects of their swing, you might end up having to shell out more cash for an upgrade.

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What Makes a Great Baby Swing?

Feeling overwhelmed with baby swing options?

Forget the frills (just for now - who doesn't love extras, right?) and check out these qualities that should never be compromised:

  • A strong, sturdy frame is a non-negotiable. Some baby swings can speed up quite a bit and there should be zero chance of it toppling over mid-swing.
  • A good quality safety buckle. Three-point safety buckles work, but 5-point safety buckles (over the shoulders) are recommended if the swing seat can adjust to more than 50 degrees. Always make sure your baby is properly secured.
  • Soft, well-padded seats are very important. Even if your baby loves the motion, they're unlikely to use the swing if the seat is uncomfortable.
  • Removable, machine washable seat covers are a must! Accidents happen and with baby's it's not so much a question of when, but rather, how often
  • Volume control for sounds and music. At some point your baby will likely enjoy listening to the sounds and music built into the swing. Unfortunately, a lot of the sound options can be incredibly annoying. Save yourself and your neighbors the aggravation by looking for decent volume control.
  • Basic entertainment options for your baby. Even if it's just a couple of stuffed animals to look at, there should be some sort of stimulation for developing eyes and brains.
  • Aim for a swing with a relatively quiet motor and swinging motion. Most swings will emit some sounds when in use, but these should never be so loud as to alarm or disturb your baby. What use is a swing that's so noisy that your baby - and you! - can't sleep with it on?

Baby Swing Safety Tips

There's nothing more important than your baby's safety and there are some important points to keep in mind when using a baby swing:

  • ALWAYS read the manufacturer’s instructions and make sure to follow them to the letter.
  • Always use the recline position for babies under 4 months as slumping can block airways and lead to suffocation.
  • The frame should be sturdy and set up correctly. Make sure it won't tip over or fold unexpectedly.
  • Make sure the swing comes with shoulder straps if the seat can be adjusted to more than 50 degrees.
  • Take note of weight limit recommendations - and follow them!

For a couple more baby swing safety tips, check out the below video as well. Really great stuff on how swings can help babies who like motion get to sleep faster!

Our Top Baby Diaper Picks

We also love that the snuggly-soft seat is easy to remove and machine washable - a must for busy moms. With 2 swing options (back and forth, side to side), motorized mobile, 6 swing speeds and a whopping 16 songs and sounds, we're pretty sure even the pickiest babies will find something to love, too!

This super-cute, puppy themed baby swing is packed with features that babies and adults will love and gives you the option to use batteries or an outlet adapter. We especially like that it has the ability to detect weight changes and won't slow down as your baby grows.



  • check
    6 Positions
  • check
    Designed for newborns and toddlers
  • check
    Comes with lots of extra such as: headrest, lumbar support, etc


  • Difficult to follow instructions
  • Awkwardly placed buckles

No products found.

If there's one thing we love, it's versatility - and this product really delivers! This baby swing doubles as an easily removable bouncer, has the ability to use batteries as well as an outlet adapter and even has an adjustable canopy to block out light. Another feature we adore is the innovative space saving design - this is a great option if you want a stand swing but have limited space.



  • check
    Cab be used as a baby carrier, postpartum belt, or nursing cover
  • check
    Heat regulating
  • check
    Soft and comfortable


  • Takes a while to get the hang of wrapping like a pro
  • Excess fabric is cumbersome

Easy to assemble and lightweight, this portable swing gets the thumbs up from us. This battery operated swing comes with music, has 6 speed settings, a stationary vibrate option and is super easy to move around the house so you can keep an eye on baby.



  • check
    Easy to pack
  • check
    100% cotton
  • check
    Organic and eco-friendly


  • Wrapping can be complicated for beginners

This portable 5 speed swing easily converts to a vibrating seat and comes with a timer - a must for battery operated swings, as far as we're concerned. Our favorite features are the Slim Fold design (great for storing) and the Whisper Quiet technology (what's the point of a noisy swing?).



  • check
    Easy to adjust
  • check
  • check
    3 carrying positions


  • Better suited for older babies

This portable swing has a nicely padded reclining seat for baby. We love the auto shut-off feature - batteries can be expensive! Another plus is the volume control - baby might love the tunes, but your neighbors probably don't!



  • check
  • check
    Great for breastfeeding on the go
  • check
    Sturdy fabric
  • check
    Doubles as a wrap


  • A lot of excess fabric can be cumbersom
  • Maybe complicated to fasten sometimes

Our #1 Baby Swing Pick!

It may not be the smallest, or the best looking, or even the most convenient for parents, but the Fisher-Price Sweet Snugapuppy Dreams Cradle 'n Swing is packed with features just for baby. For us, this is by far the most important quality in a baby swing.

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