About Us

Let's face it... parenting is hard.

With all the information out there these days, parents need a reliable place where they can get unbiased, researched, and informative baby information all in one convenient place.

That said, my wife (Nada) and I (Shane) as well as Nada's mom (a full time nanny ages 0 - 2) and other parents we partner up with are all here to provide you with the best, most actionable parenting information on the internet.

Who Are We?

We... are Shane and Nada and are here to help you on your baby journey. That's us below stopping at a baby gator farm on our way back from Florida (to see the parents).

Here's a bit about us...

Former CPA Accountant Turned Baby Blogger?

I'm a former certified public accountant, so I know all the in's and outs when it comes to saving money with babies and taxes. From flexible spending accounts, health savings accounts, child care deductions, etc, I have it all memorized...

Admittedly, I didn't love my job crunching numbers in a cubicle all day, but I did love the part where I helped people save $1,000's of dollars on their taxes. My job was helping them find tax deductions they didn't even know they could take or even know to look for!

For example, my friend Jon was caring for his baby brother for about 8 months in 2018. He mentioned it off the cuff while complaining about his tax bill and the additional costs he had to incur. Naturally, my spider senses started tingling when he mentioned taxes.

I immediately made sure he was claiming "Head of Household" status in his return. He'd never heard of such a of such a thing... fast forward to tax season, he ended up getting an additional $3k in cash BACK from uncle sam thanks to changing his filing status.

Can you believe that?

And THAT's what I live for, helping people who need it most (parents and families) with their taxes. One simple tip resulted in $3,000 cash in the bank. Honestly, it's kind of like a super power.

That said, I decided to focus my powers on the people who REALLY need it most... parents with babies.

More often than not, parents (first time parents especially) are really cash strapped given all the costs associated with children. I wanted to created a website where I could publish what I know to help the most people.

On top of that, I also want to provide a man's perspective on baby care!

Why This Website?

As mentioned above, I wanted to create a space where I could use my knowledge of tax law and my money saving powers for good and help people who need it most... parents.

Parenting is a tough job with unexpected costs at every turn. So, I left the comfort of my normal 9-5 job to focus my energy on helping parents!

On top of that, I also know that I don't know everything when it comes to good parenting and baby advice, which is why I recruited a number of experienced mom's and dad's whom I really respect to help publish their best advice as well.

One of them is my wife. She's a real gem (way smarter than me) and is one of the best people you will ever meet. She regularly edits my work and publishes her own content around the site.

Another contributor you'll find is my wife's mom! She's been in baby care for over 15+ years. She has her own baby care business for newborns all the way up to 2 years old. She is also a regular contributor.

It's also worth mentioning that as I come across parents who have something of value to say, I want Baby Schooling to be platform for the best baby advice from real mom's and dad's with real experiences to draw from.

If you're reading this and and you're a mom or dad with tips or tricks to raising a baby you can apply to write on this site and get paid to do it!

Click here to apply now.

So that's why this website came to be and what you can expect from it in the future. 

A recent piece of content I really like is our guide to getting free baby stuff around the internet. We collected 35+ ideas to get free baby stuff from diapers to books. Definitely worth a look.

Are you ready to start making better baby decisions? 🙂