About Us

Let's face it... parenting is hard.

With all the information out there these days, parents need a reliable place where they can get unbiased, researched, and informative baby information all in one conveniante place.

And that's who we are.

We are a group of mom's (and dad's) who are completely fed up with the quality of information that's currently availible. During our journeys to become parents, we struggled to consistently find helpful guides to get us ready for motherhood. Sure, there were a couple books and a few articles online that helped, but there wasn't one place that we could go to for a question and expect a great answer.

about us

At this point, we've gone through the tough parts and now we're just watching our little tikes grow up. Given what we know now, we want to give back and prep up and coming parents. We want to show what we know and provide a great resource for the world. At this point we know a thing or two about baby bottles and car seats, so why not share our knowledge with the world right?

That being said, Baby Schooling is your all-in-one resource for everything there is to do about parenting.

Our Promise To You

We'll Put The Pieces Together

We've put together a BUNCH of helpful guides and information to help new parents navigate their new bundle of joy. We want to make parent DEAD SIMPLE, because as hard as parenting is, there are a couple important tips that if we knew when we were starting out, we'd save a ton of money and frustration!

We'll Help You Save Money $$$

There are a TON of gadgets and gizmos out in the world that every store wants unsuspecting parents to buy. Truthfully, you don't need 99% of that flashy stuff. Collectively, we'd all probably bought thousands of dollars of useless crap our babies (and our wallets) didn't really need. We'll help you avoid those traps.

We'll Help You Make Your Baby Happy 🙂

Out of everything we provide on this website, our #1 goal BY FAR, is to make sure your baby is happy. If your baby is happy, then we know you'll be happy. There's nothing quite like the laugh of a baby to put a smile on your face. We hope that you enjoy your stay on Babyschooling.com and you get all that you need and more from this resource we put together.