Top 5 Best Baby Walkers For 5 Month Olds (2022 Review)

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Baby Walkers 5 Months Old
Our Top Picks

Below is a summary of the top picks from our team. Each pick as the key findings as well as "badges" to help you understand where each pick fell in our ranking. "Best Overall" is a combination of price and value. "Best Budget" is great for parents who want a top quality product but are on a tighter budget. "High End" is for parents who just want the best, and price is no object.



How did we pick these products?

More Information

Bright Starts 3-in-1 Around We Go Activity Center

15 Fun Activities

Activity Station & Walker All In One

Grow-With-Me Feature (Removable Walker For Toddlers)


More Information

Joovy Spoon Walker

Adjustable Heights

Compact Design Is A Space Saver

Removable Tray & Machine Washable Seat


More Information

Baby Trend 2.0 Activity Walker

Removable Toy Bar With Toys

Extra Wide Base

High-back Padded Seat

Reviews of Each Pick

Below are our detailed reviews of each product. Each product included in this review is reviewed by our team of parenting experts. Parents with 1,000s of hours testing and working with products to help you pick the best one for your specific situation.


Bright Starts 3-in-1 Around We Go Activity Center


82% of Amazon customers give it between four and five stars claiming their kids love it

Super sturdy

Safe and effective

Swivel seat gives the baby 360-degree range


Tiny screws make it tricky for some to put together

A little tricky to assemble

This baby activity walker may limit the freedom of mobility since it stays attached to the activity center but that provides a nice safety feature. The activity center keeps active minds occupied all while getting a decent amount of exercise and kids love the piano keys! So far this seems to be one of the best baby walkers on Amazon. It’s a little different from the Bright Starts Walk-a-bout walker.

The walker seat is adjustable so as your baby grows taller it can still be used. Even better than that is when your baby outgrows the seat and doesn’t need it anymore you can detach the seat and still have a play center. It’s also great if you have a five-month-old and a toddler because they can both enjoy it at the same time.


Joovy Spoon Walker


Removable snack tray is dishwasher safe

The wide base and tray provide more protection against pinching fingers or toes when bumping into walls

Seat is machine washable

BPA & PVC free


Low to the floor / not for long legs

Wheels don’t lock in place

Toy bar can be a pain to get to stay put

The Joovy Spoon baby walker is pretty basic. There are no frills or thrills but its purpose is to be a walker that doubles as a high chair.  Even though there are no toys included the massive tray is large enough for meals and playtime as well. It’s foldable making it easy to store.

It comes in some pretty neat colors for the seat but there is charcoal or white option for the base and tray. The base has an interesting design and it looks like a classy baby walker.


Baby Trend 2.0 Activity Walker


The rubber safety-skid pads are removable

Easy to assemble



The seat snaps come undone when taking the baby out

Cheap plastic

Toy bar can be a pain to get to stay put

The tray on this baby activity walker has a removable toy bar to easily make room transforming it into a snack tray. The seat pad has a high back providing extra support and the wide base makes the flow of movement more comfortable.

Unfortunately, the seat cannot be machine washed but it’s easily cleaned using mild soapy water and a sponge or cloth. The safety skid pads are a great safety feature.

Safety 1st Dino Sounds 'n Lights Discovery Walker


Great on carpet & bare floors

Adjustable height for babies with long legs

Easy to adjust

Easy storage


Complaints of flimsy plastic

Too tall for babies with short legs

This is a great baby activity walker for a five-month-old. Not only do they get to be mobile but it has cool lights and makes all kinds of sounds. If your baby is into dinosaurs or just noisy fun this might be the baby walker for them.

The moveable toy trays on this Safety 1st walker are great because there’s plenty of room for food and fun! Babies love sound and lights walkers.

Kolcraft Tiny Steps 2-in-1 Activity Walker


Easy to clean

Adjustable seat



Not great on carpet

Moves kind of fast

The Tiny Steps Activity Walker is a lot of fun for babies. There are several different toys and activities they can enjoy while working those little legs. One of the many nice things about it is that it is a 2-in-1 and can be used as your baby grows into a toddler.

Buying & Use Guide

Top 5 Best Baby Walkers For 5 Month Old Babies

Short on time? We understand. Check out this quick overview of our favorite baby walkers for a 5 month old.

  1. Bright Starts 3-in-1 Around We Go Activity Center
  2. Joovy Spoon Walker
  3. Baby Trend 2.0 Activity Walker
  4. Safety 1st Dino Sounds ‘n Lights Discovery Walker
  5. Kolcraft Tiny Steps 2-in-1 Activity Walker

What Is A Baby Walker Made For a 5 Month Old (Are They Any Different)?

A baby walker is a mobile device that allows babies that cannot yet walk to get leg exercise to help strengthen their leg muscles. The right time to use a baby walker is between the ages of four to sixteen months.

The main differences in baby walkers vary on the age, size, and weight of the child. Also, a five month old baby isn’t going to be able to hold or carry their weight like an older baby.

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The best baby walkers for five month olds are going to provide more support around the back and neck area and the wheels may not move as easily as a walker designed for a 9 month old.

So, in a sense, they are different but only in a couple of ways. As mentioned above, the back of the seats is generally a little higher with a little extra padding.

Baby walkers for a five month old are more likely to have safety grips or skid-resistant wheels allowing the baby to move around a little more safely.

Should You Even Use a Walker For a 5 Month Old Baby?

All babies progress differently and at different times. While some babies might be completely ready for a walker at five months old others may not. It’s best to use discretion as a parent, as well as, check the milestone charts for the appropriate age.

If your little one’s motor skills development is at the right level then a baby walker can be used. If you have any concerns regarding your child using a walker at five months old speak to your pediatrician to get that verification.

A baby walker for a five month old is generally a great time to introduce this device. It can provide plenty of exercise and room for their curious minds to explore the world around them.

Just a warning, once they get their groove on they become eager to be more independent but no worries, they won’t hop into the driver seat just yet.

Baby Walket Facts

Are There Different Types of Baby Walkers For 5 Month Olds?

There are a few different types of baby walkers for 5-month-olds. Let’s break it down just a little.

  1. The Basic Walker: These baby walkers for five-month-olds are made with a simple construct and design. It is usually just the walker base with wheels, the seat, and a small tray for toys or food.
  2. The Baby Activity Walker: These walkers have all sorts of cool things involved. Some have simple toys that help the baby’s development while others have all kinds of flashy things and music to boot.
  3. The Sit-To-Stand: These walkers usually have a combination of the activity walker but can be adjusted as the baby grows into a toddler, providing a walk-behind design where the baby holds on and pushes the walker.

What To Look For In Baby Walkers For 5 Month Old Babies?

Here are a few things to be on the lookout for when you are considering getting a walker for a 5 month old baby. Of course, there is durability and quality but aside from those two things here are a few more.

  • High Seat Backing
  • Padded Seat Backing
  • Skid Resistant Wheels
  • Always Check Recalls
  • Height Adjustments
  • Activities That Keep Their Mind Going
  • Safety Features

Oh yeah, it’s also pretty convenient if you can find the machine-washable seats or seat covers because babies will be babies and that can mean some messiness. 

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Are Baby Walkers Safe For 5 Month Old Babies?

As long as your baby shows all of the signs that they are ready for a walker then you’re good to go. If you look at the motor skills links above you will find a checklist to make sure your baby is ready. 

Always be sure you are close to your baby when they’re in the walker. Once they get the hang of it they can move faster than you might think. Once they reach the age of mobility baby proofing needs to be enhanced because they can do more with less effort.

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