How To Keep Baby Bottles Warm (At Home and On The Go)

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Some parents believe that it is best to give their babies warm milk formula since a baby's tummy is still very fragile.

Others think that serving milk at room temperature is just as fine.

Whether you serve a baby formula luke warm, at room temperature, or chilled is all up to you and your baby.

And believe it or not, all of these servings are just fine.

how to keep baby bottle warm

​In this comprehensive review, you'll learn some practical and amazing techniques that will help you keep your baby's feeding bottle warm at home and on the go.

​Is Serving Warm Formula The Best For Your Baby?

​Could be.

Basically, it all depends on your baby's preference. In fact, some babies prefer having their milk a little chilled. But that might be a result of getting used to.

According to experts, there really isn't any need for milk formula to be warmed up before being fed to the baby. Newborns however, are an exception. Experienced moms and health experts strongly recommend luke-warm milk formula for babies 0-6 months old.

Infants have tummies that are so fragile that serving feeding them cold or chilled milk can lead to rejection or worse, stomach upset. In this case, warmed up milk is much more preferable and it gives the babies a somewhat simulated feeling that they're being fed with natural breastmilk.

As the baby gets older, room temperature or even cold-serve milk becomes more and more acceptable. This also proves to be an advantage for parents especially those who travel frequently with their babies since it doesn't require the trouble of heating the bottle.

how to keep baby bottles warm facts

​Is It Safe To Reheat Your Baby's Milk?


We know that there will be those times that you've already prepared the bottle and your baby doesn't finish it all up. For most parents, throwing away good milk is somewhat heavy on one's hands and storing it in the fridge for later consumption may seem to be the only viable option. 

​After taking the baby bottle out of the fridge and have it exposed to room temperature, the parent only has utmost an hour to get rid of the milk. It is also strongly discouraged to reheat leftover milk taken out from the fridge because it only helps bacteria to thrive and multiply.

The following video will explain further about the dangers in reheating milk:

How Do You Keep Baby Bottles Warm?

Basically, the rule of thumb here is to never recycle especially reheat leftover milk. Instead, keeping freshly made milk warm for your baby is a more acceptable solution whether you are at home or while traveling. 

Bear in mind that we strongly discourage warming recycled milk or one that has been mixed hours earlier. Instead, use a fresh one for each feeding session.

At home

​When you are at home, you definitely won't have any trouble keeping your baby's feeding bottle warm. Simply take out a bowl and fill it with warm water and place the feeding bottle in it for about 10-15 minutes.

Remember that securing the right temperature is the key to providing your baby a delicious and warm milk. It should not be too hot nor too cold. Lukewarm is the perfect temperature for your baby's bottle.

An easier and hassle-free option for mothers in keeping baby bottles warm when at home is the electric bottle warmer. Simply fill the warmer with enough water to provide coverage on the most part of the bottle. Secure the bottle into the warmer and then plug it in. In most cases, the feeding bottle can be kept inside the warmer for utmost two hours.

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On the go

When traveling, keeping the baby bottle warm prior to feeding can be quite tricky and challenging. Fortunately nowadays, there's an arsenal of easy-to-use portable and mobile bottle warmers that are built specially for traveling parents. 

Car bottle warmers are innovative devices that easily plug into your car's adapter. It's basically designed for use inside the car but some manufacturers produced bottle warmers that can be used on both indoor and outdoor settings.

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