Journaling As A Coping Strategy

Journaling is a great coping strategy for stress! It's healthy, always available, doesn't bother anyone, and it works fast sometimes, too!Have you tried journaling as a coping strategy for stress? What are your main strategies? We’ve all got little strategies to work with for times when we’re emotionally distressed. Some of these are good for us or neutral, and some are not as healthy.

A few of my go-to coping mechanisms are eating, napping, and really hot showers. As a person with bipolar, depression, anxiety, yadayadayada, I need a lot of strategies!

I’m turning more and more to journaling as a coping strategy for stress. Journaling is almost always available, it doesn’t hurt anyone, and it’s not unhealthy for me. No one is ever mad at me if I turn to journaling, and it can’t make the problem worse.

It’s also practical: in addition to being soothing, over time it leads to real solutions to ongoing problems. Morning Pages, in particular, are a great way to reveal solutions to ongoing life problems. Morning Pages are 3 pages of longhand journaling every morning or 750 Words typed out.

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Whenever I feel my emotions get out of control, I turn to the page to write down what’s going on with me. I write my ugly words, my angry words, my confused words, my sad words. I’ve cried on journal pages before, and I’ve stabbed through some pages with angry jabs of my pen.

Sometimes I find that I literally only need to write one sentence. Today I wrote in my journal, “This morning I freaked out and cried over all my failed projects.” And just like that, I felt a little better. To name a problem and to express it out loud has value. Getting something out is the first step – sometimes the only step – to letting it go.

What kinds of coping mechanisms do you use? Is journaling one of them?

Get The Gear

Here’s some of the stuff I use in my journaling practices. (These are all affiliate links. Thanks for your support!)

  • I use a medium size dotted Leuchtturm1917 notebook. It’s got a hard cover, 185 numbered pages, a blank table of contents, a back pocket, page markers, and an elastic closure. It lays flat when opened and comes in a gazillion great colors!
  • Sharpie Fine Point Pens are my absolute favorites for regular journaling and bullet journaling. Regular pens tend to be too pointy for me, or I don’t like how the ink comes out. These Sharpie pens write smooth, and I love using lots of different colors.
  • Washi tape, because I love decorating my journals. I use these for headers, dividers, and for adding random strips of color to a boring page.

Journaling is a great coping strategy for stress! It's healthy, always available, doesn't bother anyone, and it works fast sometimes, too!

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  1. Yes, journaling is awesome! I have a happiness journal which I write things that make me happy in. It might be song lyrics, happy memories, pep talks for my dark days or even doodles, but when I’m having a shit day looking through it really helps. Plus is reminds me when I’m having a terrible day that I’ve endured before and I will again.


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