70 Ways To Be A Positive Parent Right Now

Need some ways to be a positive parent right this minute? Sometimes my days get stressful, and I’m always looking for those little ways to be a positive parent that are quick, easy, and connect me to my relationship with my son.

70 ways to be a positive parent - quick, easy, helps you connect right now in the moment.

Here’s the text version of 70 ways to be a positive parent in case you need to copy them over somewhere. What other ways would you add?

  1. Get down and play
  2. Remember to laugh
  3. Create special moments
  4. Apologize if you need to
  5. Tell the truth
  6. Give hugs and kisses
  7. Take a break for yourself
  8. Say YES!
  9. Use a gentle voice
  10. Acknowledge their emotions
  11. Be grateful
  12. Write them love notes
  13. Let them take the lead
  14. Say “I love you”
  15. Bend the rules together
  16. Play their favorite game
  17. Have a dance party
  18. Tell a joke
  19. Let it go
  20. Tell bedtime stories
  21. Cheer for them
  22. Give compliments
  23. Trust them
  24. Trust yourself
  25. Pay attention
  26. Read together
  27. Take a little extra time
  28. See the best in them
  29. Look on the bright side
  30. Give more choices
  31. Be a partner and teammate
  32. Snuggle
  33. Teach them something cool you can do
  34. Make eye contact
  35. Spend time outside
  36. Give them space if they need it
  37. Empathize more
  38. Slow down
  39. Cook their favorite food
  40. Say “I’m proud of you”
  41. Offer to help
  42. Tell them they’re awesome
  43. Share important parts of yourself
  44. Talk about your dreams
  45. Smile more
  46. Say “I believe in you”
  47. Ask them about their dreams
  48. Hold hands
  49. Play catch
  50. Be silly
  51. Celebrate something
  52. Ask their opinion
  53. Hold back criticism
  54. Be a friend
  55. Listen carefully
  56. Say “Thank you”
  57. Play 20 questions
  58. Offer gentle guidance
  59. Model respectfulness
  60. Believe the best of them
  61. See from their point of view
  62. Ask for help when you need it
  63. Be spontaneous
  64. Speak with care
  65. Tell stories together
  66. Make memories
  67. Remember to breathe
  68. Work on healing your past
  69. Throw a party
  70. Write love notes