Using Parsley to Induce Menstruation – Results

Like many of us, I have a love/hate relationship with my period.

Using a Diva Cup solves most of my menstrual annoyances from my life.

But periods CAN still be annoying, including coming early sometimes and late at other times.

I once planned to use parsley to induce menstruation. Here’s the step-by-step information, process, and results.

Editor’s note: Herbal remedies are not without side effects. This article is not medical advice. It is not written by a doctor. This is a personal story.

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Why You Might Want to Use Parsley To Induce Menstruation

Your period is your business, and don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise! If you want to take birth control that lets you skip it all together, go for it!

And if you want to try sketchy internet remedies to make it come faster, well… that’s also your business, but please don’t forget that that’s what this is!

I wanted to make my period come early because I was headed to Burning Man.

Maybe you have:

  • A wedding coming up.
  • A trip planned.
  • Some reason you simply have to wear white pants.

If your period is a week away and you need it here now, using parsley to induce menstruation is one of your options.

Can You Use Parsley To Induce Menstruation?

Short answer: maybe.

Glancing around online will give you many, many stories of people successfully using parsley to induce menstruation.

On the other hand, my own experience (below) was QUITE unsatisfactory.

There’s no way to know the ratio of satisfactory attempts to unsatisfactory attempts.

And remember that some of the success stories are of people whose periods were going to start that day anyway, even if they had done nothing.

We are in totally unscientific territory here!

Should You Use Parsley To Induce Menstruation?

My story includes sticking parsley in my vagina.

You SHOULD NOT do this.

I was dumb. It didn’t even work for me.

For other women, it can lead to death.

If you stick with parsley tea, hopefully the worst that happens is that you are totally grossed out.

It’s up to you to evaluate whether it’s worth it to try to start your period early.

I would make a different choice today. Between my Diva Cup and my re-usable menstrual pads, my period doesn’t give me much trouble. I wouldn’t take any risks to change my menstrual cycle.

How To Use Parsley To Induce Menstruation

To try using parsley to induce menstruation, you’re going to make and drink parsley tea.

Here are the steps:

  1. Loosely chop up fresh parsley.
  2. Boil 2-3 cups of water.
  3. Add chopped parsley to boiling water and remove from heat.
  4. Let steep for 30 minutes.
  5. Add seasonings to taste. (Hint: nothing will make it delicious.)
  6. Drink 2-3 times a day until your period starts.

My Story of Using Parsley to Induce Menstruation

I have PCOS and a very long luteal phase to my menstrual cycle. I typically ovulate around day 14 and then don’t bleed for at least three more weeks, sometimes 4.

At the start of this experiment I was at least a week from when I would normally start my period. I was headed to Burning Man in a week and wanted to get my period out the way.

Making Parsley Tea

I bought several bunches of fresh parsley for this experiment.

I put 5 coffee cups of water in a pot and brought it to a boil.

Then I added one full bunch of parsley and one bunch with the stems removed and steeped it for 30 minutes.

I drank my first cup around noon.

Parsley Tea Is Disgusting

The tea tasted like complete ass. If you like root vegetables, maybe you wouldn’t hate it. It reminded me of beets or turnips or something, which I fucking hate. Joshua said it wasn’t too bad, but I couldn’t stand it.

I read some recommendations to add honey, which I tried. Ugh! That was worse. Sweetness was the completely wrong combination for this veggie taste. I think you’d have better luck with salt and oregano or something if you really wanted to try flavoring it.

The burps were extra nasty.

How Much To Drink To Start Menstruation

I had no idea how much I should drink. This article says to drink it four times a day until your period starts, and she’s had success each time within a day.

I was making things up as I went along.

I drank a cup at noon, one at 12:30, and one at 1:00. Then I decided to take a break from the nastiness. I’d drink the remaining two cups later in the day.

At 2:00, my stomach started to feel upset. I hoped it was the beginning of cramps, rather than just an upset tummy. 15 minutes later, I was in the bathroom with awful diarrhea.

Around 3:00 I decided to try another cup. When I brought the tea to my mouth, I experienced a full-body NO! Just smelling it made me tense up and want to vomit. I decided I wouldn’t drink any more.

Fully Committing To The Experiment

I wanted to give this experiment the full possibility of succeeding. But I also didn’t want to drink any more.

At 4:00 I made a vaginal suppository instead. Oh yeah. I went there.

Editor’s note: Don’t do this.

This means I wrapped parsley in cheese cloth, formed it into an appropriate shape, and put it in my vagina. Getting it in there was a fairly silly endeavor.

The suppository was very uncomfortable to wear, so I went to bed and figured I’d use the opportunity to take a nap.

At around 5:00, an hour after inserting the parsley, I woke up, with a very distinct, “Get this stuff OUT of me” feeling.

Editor’s note: Ya think??

I took the suppository out, then immediately had to go to the bathroom with more diarrhea.

That was it! No more parsley for me!

The Disappointing Results

The next day, I had some very tiny spotting. Barely pink on the toilet paper. Spotting is not normal for me, so I was excited that this might actually have worked!

Unfortunately, over the next few days I continued to have the barest of spotting, but my period did not start.

Finally, on Saturday, 5 days after using the parsley, my period started pretty much right on time. However, usually I have 1-2 days of VERY heavy flow, followed by 5-6 days of medium flow. This time, I had no heavy flow, only a light flow.

And then, in worst-case scenario, I had a light flow for the next 14 days!!!

My Conclusion

I can’t guarantee that it was using the parsley that altered my period so drastically. I did go to Burning Man during this time, which is a high-stress physical environment. However, I started my period before going, so the lack of early heavy bleeding can’t be blamed on Burning Man.

I will not try using this method again. The parsley made me very sick, didn’t start my period early, and may have contributed to the light, very long, very annoying period.

Are you interested in learning more about herbal medicine?

If my parsley tale didn’t warn you off for good, here are a couple of resources for more ideas.

One beautiful book is Rosemary Gladstar’s Herbal Recipes for Vibrant Health: 175 Teas, Tonics, Oils, Salves, Tinctures, and Other Natural Remedies for the Entire Family.

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The Amazon description says:

“Promote vibrant health and radiant beauty, soothe everyday ailments, and ease persistent stress with these simple, natural cures for everything from dry skin and infant colic to cold symptoms and insomnia. Renowned herbalist Rosemary Gladstar provides 175 proven therapies and herbal remedies that are easy to prepare and safe enough for children.  Offering a potent and effective alternative to commercial pharmaceuticals, Gladstar will inspire you to nurture yourself and those you love with nature’s healing herbs.”

Another comprehensive option is Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine.

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From the Amazon description:

“With 550 key herbs and their uses as natural remedies for nearly 200 common ailments, Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine is the definitive home reference to healing with the world’s oldest form of medicine. From ginger to lavender and thyme to dandelion, learn about the chemistry of plants and how and why they work as medicines within the body. Information on habitat and cultivation, parts used, active constituents, therapeutic properties, and traditional and current uses are described in a unique photographic plant index, and instructions on growing, harvesting, and processing your own home treatments are detailed.”

40 thoughts on “Using Parsley to Induce Menstruation – Results”

  1. @Ashley Yeah, this was a miserable experience. I was just talking about it with some friends the other day, and the thought of it makes me ill. I overdosed on parsley! How silly! I like to be open about trying natural remedies for things, but this one didn’t go very well at all.

  2. Yikes! I’m sorry you had such an awful experience. =( I too have PCOS and I’ve been using Parsley to self induce for the last couple of years. I only drink about 3 cups a day and I continue to do so for 2-3 days until my period comes. It seems to work nicely, much better than that hell-in-a-pill provera! Maybe try and give it one more go?

  3. Given this experience, I’m unlikely to try again. It’s a very rare occasion that I want to change when my period is, anyway, so it’s probably not going to come up again for awhile.

  4. i used this method for two days….when my cycle did come 3 days later my vagina was itching like crazzyy…i regret using parsley in my private i had to be desperate or insane

  5. Thank you for having such an informative post available for the public. I have been searching and searching for a personal account on this subject.

  6. Have just used the parsley method for the first time and within 3 days can report success. Just added hot water to 2/3 teaspoons of dried parsley and sipped it while it still infused. 2-3 cups a day and am happy to say everything is how it should be 🙂

  7. Am Kenyan.My period was two weeks late and was beginning to feel pregnantish.I searched the internet for a solution. Took vitamin C for 4 days, 2 tablets every hour. On the fifth day i boiled some dry parsley and took three cups during the day. took nothing at night and believe me i was spotting by morning. lots of cramping though

  8. Thank you kindly for posting your experience with this! I needed my monthly gift to come a bit earlier, but after hearing your experience, I’ll just wait it out!

  9. My doctor said I might have PCOS but I have to wait for day three of my period to have the blood work done, and I haven’t had a period since June 15th. What would you all recommend? I am 25, have one child, and seemed to have developed these problems shortly after stopping Yaz (March 2011). On Yaz, I had perfect skin never one breakout, I maintained my weight if anything I lost a little bit after stopping (2-3lbs) and now I have acne on my back, chest, neck and mostly forehead. My hair seems to be falling out a lot more as well. I went to the doctor in June because she felt “fullness” in my left ovary and it appears she found a bunch of small cysts, which is a “sign” of PCOS. She said she could not diagnose me with PCOS just by that and to have the bloodwork done on the 3rd day of my next period, which I am still waiting for. Please help with any advice you may have. This is very upsetting for me since I am still rather young and was looking to have more children in the future. Thanks…

    • Sarah,

      I don’t have any real advice except talk to your doctor about your concerns and maybe google around for a PCOS forum where you can find some emotional support, too.

  10. my period was 14 days late, and i was freaking out!! i was not pregnant so didnt know what was wrong. i tried the parsley tea. drank 2 cups on day 1, skipped day 2, day 3 had 4 cups of parsley tea, i even ate the parsley leaves..and i slept with a stem of parsley in my vagina..i woke up about 7 hours later in the morning and there it was my freakin period!!!!
    thank you parsley!!

  11. I started this when my period was late (I have a hormonal dissemblance, nothing more that my menstrual cycle being just crazy) I went to the store and bought two bunches of it. Now the first cup of tea I made I just boiled some water and threw a ratio of 1 ounce of water 2 ounces of parsley. I boiled it down and when I was poring it just the veggie green color made my stomach turn, then the smell made me gag. I took a strong mint so I could taste it and bottoms up, took some tums because I already had a sour stomach. I had no problems with the vaginal insertion, not a problem getting it in, or a uncomfortable feeling. I’m waiting for my period because I’m two weeks late (not pregnant) and I’ve only been doing this for about two/three days now. If it doesn’t start in another week I’ll see my doctor about it, even though I hate that place.
    But thank you so much for this honest post! It helped me very much.

  12. it works, l tried it yesterday after steeping a bunch of parsley with boiling water and drinking 3 cups of the tea and now i am menstrating. my period wasnt meant 2 come for another week, coincidence????? cant be. this stuff works.

  13. it’s my 3rd day now of drinking juice of boiled parsley and inserting like a tampon size of parsley rolled in cheese cloth but still i can’t feel the sign of menstruation.. it’s actually my first time that my menstruation delay, it’s like 8 days delay, and what makes me more worry I’m here in the country where pregnancy is not allowed for unmarried women, they will be slash and prison until they give birth and the worst they will take the baby with them, I’m afraid because my medical is within this month of April, but I’ve tried last week for a pregnancy test then it’s negative.. i hope maybe by tomorrow i will be having my period b4 they will discover it and slash me and put me to jail.. i really need a help, anyone please…

    • If you’re worried that you are pregnant and you need to induce a miscarriage, parsley is not enough. Parsley is considered an emmenagogue, meaning it induces menstruation, but it’s not an abortifacient, something that can induce miscarriage. There are risks with attempting to induce a miscarriage yourself. I think the safest option is probably vitamin C. Here is a page where you can read about using vitamin C to induce a miscarriage –

      • Issa thank you so much and one more please can u give me a brand name of vitamin c that i can take please.. this is last i just so desperate and i really needed your help.. thanks again!!

        • I don’t know any brand names of vitamin C. It should be available anywhere you can buy vitamins and supplements. The page I linked you to talks about how to choose between different vitamin C options. If you have a doctor you can talk to about this, you should do that, too. I’m just someone looking stuff up on the internet. Take care of yourself.

  14. im on my 3rd day drinking parsley (boiled water put in to the cup with parsley leaves and small stems) I hopee this works. my vacation is on thursday march 15 🙁 let you know guys once i have my period. Actually on my first glass on my first day, it really taste awful but i tried putting calamansi “small citrus fruit”… better than the plain one.

  15. Hi I have PCOD and my periods are always irregular…i have missed it gain and its 11 day and today first time i am trying parsly tea…hope it works we hav plans to visit temple on 16th…i wish it comes tonight..fingers cross

  16. it definitely works for me…i throw a handful of parsley (mainly leaves, less stem) in a big mug, pour boiling water over it and let it steep for at least 30 mins. drink this once or twice a day for a coupla days and usually get my period within the next 3 days. it sure doesnt taste pretty though. sorry to hear about your awful experience with it!

  17. Hello, I turned 25yrs old 2months ago. I’ve been having irregular period since day 1 but never has it delayed for over a month. Last year it delayed for six months. I’m one person who hates visiting hospitals. I wasn’t pregnant, i was sexually inactive. I made up my mind to visit the doctor. I was given medroxyprogesterone to be taken for 10days, which i did. 2days after it happened. It flowed heavily for 3weeks. i lost so much weight. I was given some pills, which i took when it started flowing until i skipped a day,i kept forgetting to take the pill. Then i finally stopped taking it. My period kept coming for the nxt 3months. d last month was dec’11. till today it has’nt come again. It’s 3months now since the last flow and i’m worried sick something is seriously wrong with me.I’m not pregnant, my period just doesn’t come.I just started taking parsely, and i hope it works. I believe it will work. i can’t afford to go to the hospital now cause i don’t have health insurance…i’m just glad i’m able to share my experience.

  18. My cycle is usually between 25-28 days. This time when it stretched beyond the 30 day mark, I knew it was time to try anything, and parsley it was. I drank 4 cups in 6 hours interval; it worked like magic coz my periods are here. No cramps, no diarrhoea!

  19. my 3rd day of drinking prepared parsley tea, had some cramping like pre-menstrual signs but my period didn’t come yet. btw, i am 6 days delayed past my due, had negative pregnancy test (2x). quite worried, any advise Issa….thank you.

    • There are all kinds of things that can delay your period, like stress, dietary changes, changes in your activity levels, illness, etc. While it can be annoying to be expecting your period and not have it come on time, it’s usually nothing to worry about.

  20. I was 11 days delayed last month and im on a regular 28 day cycle.. i was so miserable and saw sisterzeus’ page i tried parsley for like 3 days drinking as much as i could with a lot of vitamin C luke takung 2 tabs every hr.. tgen finally AF came then i never had sexual intercourse but why is it delayed again this month if i was able to with parsley tea last month? I remember i also used parsley pessary

    • There are lots of things that can delay your period, and your cycle can also change over time. If you have questions about your situation, a doctor is probably the best person to ask.

  21. hi is it necessary to drink more than 1cup a day? i had my parsley tea for two nights now but still doesnt have my period. 🙁

  22. i swear it worked like magic, my lips barely touched the cup and i had pink.. i havent had a period since august and i was pmsing these past few days so i took a cup today and it starting to come down. its not too bad of a taste for me because im a veggie i love organic crap so it has like a broccoli smell/taste to it. im gonna try every month to see if that will do the trick *(=

  23. hey I think I am pregnant, do you think it will work on me? i am 2 weeks delayed btw, i really want my menstruation to come along, i can’t have a baby now. please help me.

  24. Hello everyone,

    My period was late for 13 days. I always been regular like a clock. My period always showed up every 28 days. I guess you can imagine how stressed and worried I was. Plus I had all the pms symptoms: tender breast, bloating, back pain. I took 4 pregnancy tests and all turned out negative. I must say that when I get very stressed too much my period would be late maybe 2 or 3 days late, but never 13 days like this time! On this ocassion I had a couple of very stressful weeks which obviously affected my cycle (I had the suspicious that this would affect my period but never imagined to what extent). I did some research on natural remedies to induce it, so I decided to give it a try with parsley tea. Let me tell you that IT WORKS. Today AF showed up. I drank 4 cups on monday and 3 on tuesday. I have read that it have worked for several women so when I decided to go for it I thought that I had nothing to lose since parsley it’s not a dangerous herb. I had no other side effects with the parsley tea, the only thing I noticed was last night: I had the last two cups while the tea was still very hot and felt cramps through the night (this might be an important factor, I would recommend to try to have the tea hot and not just warm since hot tea activates circulation). Prior to my period I felt intense cramps and then voilà! AF is here 🙂


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