Playful Parenting by Lawrence J. Cohen

Playful parenting might be the part of your parenting that you're missing, and here's a review of the book that goes through it all.Is your parenting playful?

It’s easy to be a grumpy, grouchy parent. I know I am more often than I’d like!

But kids are inherently playful. They approach everything with fresh eyes and a joyful heart. Children learn through play, they relax through play, and they process their big feelings through play.

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The book Playful Parenting is a primer on tuning in to play with your child. I participate in a lot of parenting communities, and this book is one of the most recommended by positive parents. Understanding your child’s need for play and becoming a playful parenting is a crucial part of reducing a lot of parenting struggles.

What kinds of play are we talking about? Everything from peekaboo games, telling jokes, playing pranks, telling funny stories, wrestling, role-playing, potty humor, sports, card games, races and contests, and so on.

Playful Parenting includes suggestions for:

  • Games to play
  • Solving specific problems through play
  • How to play when you don’t find it fun
  • Making time for play in a busy schedule
  • Reframing or redirecting play you don’t approve of

Playing with kids gives parents better communication, emotional insights, and a greater connection. It gives kids security, love, confidence, better judgement, and an emotional outlet.

Play is a discipline strategy in the positive parenting toolbox. It creates a strong foundation for leading your child and for diffusing tough situations.

Playful Parenting is itself a playful book, full of humor and great anecdotes. You’ll be challenged, but you’ll also enjoy reading it.

Have you read Playful Parenting? What did you think? What other books would you recommend that ALL parents read?

Playful parenting might be the part of your parenting that you're missing, and here's a review of the book that goes through it all.

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2 thoughts on “Playful Parenting by Lawrence J. Cohen”

  1. Hello Issa,

    I am currently reading his other book, “The Opposite of Worry.” It is very insightful on how children become anxiety-ridden and ways that parents can help them. I’ve just put this book next on my list. Thanks for the review!

    • I should pick that up! I’m have anxiety, and I know lots of other anxiety parents. I’ve often wondered about how we can prevent passing our worries on to our kids. Sounds like Cohen’s got me covered! 🙂


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