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You can learn how to raise a pig! I did it, and you can do it. In 2009 my partner and I moved from the suburbs of Atlanta to rural Tennessee. We put in a little garden and got a few chickens, but one of our big dreams was learning how to raise a pig. Well, two pigs, because pigs need friends! Learning how to raise a pig was a lot of fun, very satisfying, and now our freezer is always full of delicious meat we raised right here on our own property.

This looks like everything you need to start learning how to raise a pig. How much does it cost, what are the initial startup needs, how much meat do you get, all that stuff!How to Raise a Pig

  1. GETTING STARTED RAISING A PIG – This article covers many initial considerations like:
    • Reasons to raise a pig
    • Types of pig operations
    • Space needs for pigs
    • Food and water for pigs
    • Pig health
    • Pig processing
  2. HOW MUCH DOES IT COST TO RAISE A PIG? – This is an all important question as you start learning how to raise a pig! This article covers:
    • Infrastructure costs like feeders, waterers, and shelter
    • Fencing costs (I swear by electronet fencing. Aff link.)
    • Price of piglets
    • Feed prices
    • Bedding
    • Healthcare costs
    • Transportation and fuel costs
    • Processing fees
  3. HOW MUCH MANURE DOES A PIG MAKE – You don’t strictly need to know this, but it’s one of the interesting questions that arises when you raise pigs, and this guest post plays around with the numbers a bit.
  4. FIRST PIG SLAUGHTERED AT THE WALLOW – As you learn how to raise a pig, you will come to the choice of whether or not to do your own processing. This post is 44 pictures of the entire process start to finish of slaughtering a pig and butchering it into halves.
  5. HOW MUCH MEAT FROM A PIG – This is one of my most popular articles. Whether you are learning how to raise a pig yourself or you are participating in a pig share, and the end of the day everyone wants to know how much meat they will get. In this article you will learn:
    • Pig processing terms
    • The cuts of meat you will get
    • The non-meat parts you will get
    • How much storage space you will need (A cooler about this size per pig. Aff link.)

More Information on How to Raise a Pig

How to Raise Pigs // LoveLiveGrow #homesteading #livestock #pigs Storey's Guide to Raising Pigs // LoveLiveGrow #homesteading #livestock #pigs

For more information on raising pigs, these two books are both excellent sources – How to Raise Pigs and Storey’s Guide to Raising Pigs. (Aff links.) I used both of them when I was getting started. Whether you’re raising pigs for pets, getting started raising a 4H pig, or going purely for yummy pork, either of these books will help you out in getting started.

Do you have any other questions about how to raise a pig?

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  1. It makes sense to consider space needs when raising a pig. My kids really want to have a pet to play with. I’m sure that they would love it if I came home with a piglet.


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