10 Reasons To Have Your Own Garden

How many reasons to have your own garden can you think of?

The sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, the days are getting longer, and if you aren’t already gardening it’s not too late to get started.

If all you need are a few more reasons to have your own garden you’re in the right place!

There are so many reasons, from the practical to the delightful to get started right in your own backyard.

Here’s a round up of posts to inspire you. Click on each image to go through to the article you like!

10 Reasons to have your own garden

10 Reasons To Have Your Own Garden

#1 You can garden literally anywhere!

Even if you’re in a small apartment, you can add a container or two to your balcony, patio, or front stoop.

Simple Patio Container Gardening from Home & Plate
Simple Patio Container Gardening from Home & Plate

#2 It is incredibly easy to get started!

The how-to of gardening can seem overwhelming. But once you know how to gather the right info, sticking your seeds in the dirt is the easy part. Try these 6 steps to get you started.

Start Your Own Garden in 6 Ridiculously Easy Steps from Good + Simple
Start Your Own Garden in 6 Ridiculously Easy Steps from Good + Simple

#3 It’s educational for the whole family

From motor skills to early literacy, gardening teaches amazing skills to young children. Involving the whole family is one of the great reasons to have your own garden!

10 Things to Teach While Gardening With Your Toddler from Parenting Expert to Mom

#4 You’ll get vegetables out of it

Growing your own vegetables brings a host of wonderful benefits, from being in charge of your food to connecting with nature. Here’s a whole post on the benefits of growing your own vegetables.

A Midsummer’s Garden – Why You Should Grow Your Own Vegetables & Herbs from Soup Addict

#5 You can have fun growing fun and unusual plants

But you don’t have to stop at vegetables. Getting unique and unusual is one of the reasons to have your own garden. How about a chocolate tree??

Grow Your Own Chocolate Tree Indoors (Even in cold climates) from Practical Self Reliance

#6 You can learn amazing things about how organic material works

Gardening will make you so knowledgeable! For example, what on earth is lasagna gardening? And how does it relate to how organic material breaks down and ways to keep your soil healthy?

lasagna gardening
Lasagna Gardening from Learning and Yearning

#7 Gardening doesn’t have to be expensive

Even fancy raised beds can be frugal if you work in some found materials.

Frugal Raised Garden Bed from Diana Rambles

#8 You’ll get to make homemade foods from your own produce

Like these super easy fridge pickles!

Easy Refrigerator Dill Pickles from Yummy Mummy Kitchen

#9 Your life will be more beautiful

You’ll be able to add beautiful plants to your life, surround yourself with more color, and revel daily at the wonder of the world.

Here’s a quick tip to make your cut flowers last a week longer!

cut flowers
How to Revive Gerbera Daisies from Christina’s Cucina

#10 You can be environmentally conscious

Doing your own gardening puts you in charge of what goes into your plants. Some great reasons to have your own garden are that you can go organic, work in harmony with the earth, and hey, this is as local as it gets! Here’s how to start an organic garden:

organic garden
How To Start An Organic Vegetable Garden from The Rustic Elk

There you go! 10 great reasons to have your own garden, and I know there are a million more! Get out there and get your hands in the dirt!

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  1. Love, love, love this! YES! So many reasons to have a garden and with the way our produce is being grown, it’s even more important now more than ever. Thanks for including my gerbera daisy post! ALready shared all over social media! Everyone should share this!

  2. Thank you for sharing! Hopefully there’s something here for everyone. Your flowers are GORGEOUS! Thanks for letting me share your post. 🙂


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