When I was offered a free copy of Fed Up with Frenzy for review, I jumped at the chance. Slow parenting? Escaping the fast-moving world? Yes, that sounds just right to me. This is a book I definitely wanted to review for you guys. I don’t know if any helicopter parenting, over-scheduled types are reading me, but if you are, I wanted this chance to encourage you to slow down. And if you’re already a slower type like me, I figured this book would provide some always needed encouragement and support.

All that being said, I expected to be a little bored when it came to actually reading the book. I don’t really need an entire book extolling the virtues of slowing down. Sounds kind of dry. Would it be great to learn some supporting science and interesting to hear some on-point personal stories? Sure. But I’m already convinced, so why bother?

Imagine my delight on discovering that that’s not what this book is at all!

Fed Up with Frenzy: Slow Parenting in a Fast-Moving World by Susan Sachs Lipman has an introductory chapter with the personal story and bullet points and some science. And then the rest of the book tosses the facts aside and is instead a delightful recipe book for how to actually go about making this slower life you dream of.

Instead of answering the question of “Why should we slow down?” to which most of us are already acutely aware of our own answers, here you will find answers to the question, “What is slowing down made of?”

If you are looking for ways to slow down with your children or add to your already slow repertoire, this book is packed with gazillions of ideas. Learn to make things that go – trains, boats, planes, kites – from materials you already have. Find the instructions for invisible ink and making your own bubble solution. Run a lemonade stand. Go camping in your backyard. Sing songs and play games. You’ll find slow crafts, slow kitchen ideas, and slow gardening, plus simple ways to enjoy nature and the passing seasons.

Whether you are just learning to slow down or are searching for new ideas to fill your slow days, and no matter how old your kids are, you will find some neat ideas in this charming little how-to for enjoying a slower paced life.

Check out Fed Up with Frenzy for yourself, and find your own way out of the fast lane.

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