Top 5 Best Baby Carriers (2019 Edition)

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Looking for the best baby carriers in 2020?

Well, you're in the right place! 🙂

In this guide you can expect to learn:

  • What baby carriers are and how they work
  • The types of baby carriers exist
  • How to choose a carrier right for your baby
  • Our top 5 favorite baby carriers in 2020
best baby carriers

Babies love being carried, and given half the chance they'd happily stay in our arms all day!

Apart from putting strain on your arms and back, carrying your baby all the time just isn't feasible.

As much as you might love snuggling your baby, you probably have a million things to do - and need your hands to do them!

Baby carriers are the perfect solution for parents who want to keep their babies close and happy, while carrying on with daily tasks.

Got your hands full?

This article breaks down all the information you need to choose the best baby carrier for you and your precious cargo.

Top 5 Best Baby Carriers

Short on time? We understand. Check out this quick overview of our favorite baby carriers.

What Are Baby Carriers & How Do They Work?

Baby carriers come in many different forms and allow you to carry your baby hands-free by "wearing" your baby. The baby carrier is attached to/slung over the adult's torso with the baby placed securely inside.

We've carried our babies since the beginning of time. Ancient Egyptian artwork depicts mothers carrying babies and children on their backs and evidence of the use of early baby carriers has been found across the globe - proving mothers have always been hard workers!

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What Are The Different Types of Baby Carriers?

With so many baby carrier options out there, choosing the right one can be overwhelming. Relax - it's not half as complicated as you might think. Baby carriers usually fall into 1 of 5 categories.

Once you've figured out which one is best for you (and baby), you're already halfway there!

Here they are:

Wrap Baby Carriers

These take a little practice to master but, once you do, they're probably most versatile. Wrap baby carriers are basically just a length of fabric - and quite a long one, at that! - that's wrapped around both you and your baby. Wraps are large enough to cover your whole back, so they're unlikely to end up digging into your skin. You'll have 2 types to choose from:


Most stretchy wraps are made of cotton jersey material and need to be wrapped around baby quite a few times to add support - not great in hot weather. This variety is also not recommended for use with babies older than 6 months as they typically don't provide enough support. These are generally used for newborns and can be tied on before baby is placed inside. Great for front and hip carrying, we don't recommend using them for back carrying.


Woven wraps are made from a large variety of materials and are diagonally stitched. They don't stretch much, but are designed to be form fitting, while providing support at the same time. Woven wraps often come in beautiful designs and colors and will last from birth to right through the toddler years. Woven wraps can be used for hip, front and back carrying.

Ring Sling Baby Carriers

Ring Sling baby carriers are a length of fabric with two metal or nylon rings stitched into one end. The other end is threaded through the rings to create a pocket for baby. The remaining fabric left hanging after securing the sling can conveniently be used for shade or a cover while breastfeeding.

Pouch Sling Baby Carriers

Pouch slings are a loop of fabric worn in a sash-like fashion over one shoulder. These can't be adjusted and are fit to size, meaning they can only be worn safely by the person they were originally bought for.

Mei Tai Baby Carriers

These baby carriers consist of a rectangular cloth panel with four fabric straps fastened to each corner - two shorter straps are fastened around the waist, while the two longer straps wrap over the shoulders. These baby carriers are very comfortable and provide excellent support for both you and baby.

Baby Carrier Safety Tips

  • ALWAYS read the manufacturer’s instructions and make sure to follow them to the letter.
  • Make sure baby’s face is visible at all times and don’t let baby’s face press against your body as this could affect breathing. Never allow your baby’s face to be covered by blankets, sling fabric or nursing covers.
  • Always ensure baby’s head and neck are supported and that their chin isn’t resting on their chest, as this can restrict baby’s airways.
  • After nursing, always return baby to the proper carrying position: head close enough to kiss, turned away from your body and uncovered by fabric.
  • Check on your baby often.
  • Premature or otherwise high risk babies require extra vigilance and an expert should always be consulted in these cases.
  • Soft Structured Baby Carriers/Ergonomic Baby Carriers

These are worn like backpacks and can be worn in the front or back (some types allow for hip carrying, as well). Soft structured baby carriers usually have a comfortable padded seat for baby and thick, well-padded straps that go around the wearer’s shoulders and waist. Soft structured baby carriers are secured by a system of buckles.

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How To Choose The Best Baby Carriers?

Choosing a good baby carrier is a highly personal endeavor, and what works for one person might not suit your needs at all. Here are some important factors to consider when making your decision:

Who Will Be Using The Baby Carrier?

Will you be the only person using the it? If not, it’s important to make sure you choose an adjustable baby carrier, or buy more than one. Also, while you might love that pink ring sling baby carrier with the butterflies all over it, your husband might not be as thrilled with your choice as you are!

How Old Is Your Baby?

Not all baby carriers are suitable for every age. Soft structured baby carriers may feel awkward for newborns, while stretchy ring slings won’t hold the weight of older babies.

Do you suffer from back pain or any other conditions that may be impacted by your choice?

If the answer is “yes”, it might be a good idea to purchase a baby carrier that provides even weight distribution – mei tai and soft structured baby carriers generally work best. Alternatively, you could learn different wrapping techniques to find the best weight distribution for your condition.

Do you plan on breastfeeding while using your baby carrier?

Slings and wraps are excellent options for mothers who plan on breastfeeding while wearing their babies.

Our Top Baby Carrier Picks

This product seems to have just about all the bases covered and we absolutely love it’s versatility. The fact that it can be used for both newborns and toddlers makes this baby carrier a worthwhile investment.



  • check
    6 Positions
  • check
    Designed for newborns and toddlers
  • check
    Comes with lots of extra such as: headrest, lumbar support, etc


  • Difficult to follow instructions
  • Awkwardly placed buckles

A carrier that doubles as a postpartum belt?

Count us in!

Who couldn’t use one less expense after having a baby? The fact that this wrap is heat-regulating is another huge plus in our book and saves the need to buy different wraps for each season.



  • check
    Cab be used as a baby carrier, postpartum belt, or nursing cover
  • check
    Heat regulating
  • check
    Soft and comfortable


  • Takes a while to get the hang of wrapping like a pro
  • Excess fabric is cumbersome

A straightforward wrap baby carrier, we love that this organic wrap is made from 100% breathable cotton.



  • check
    Easy to pack
  • check
    100% cotton
  • check
    Organic and eco-friendly


  • Wrapping can be complicated for beginners

This simple mei tai carrier is comfortable for baby and wearer and we especially like the fuss-free straps.



  • check
    Easy to adjust
  • check
  • check
    3 carrying positions


  • Better suited for older babies

A simple, soft and versatile sling ring baby carrier that doesn’t slide or pinch – finally! Comfort is definitely one of the most important factors to us and this product checks that box!



  • check
  • check
    Great for breastfeeding on the go
  • check
    Sturdy fabric
  • check
    Doubles as a wrap


  • A lot of excess fabric can be cumbersom
  • Maybe complicated to fasten sometimes

Our #1 Baby Carrier Pick!

Our biggest considerations for the best baby carrier were versatility, safety and endurance.

LILLEbaby 6 Position, 360 Degree Ergonomic Baby and Child Carrier ticked all these boxes and is the undisputed winner for the following reasons:

In our opinion, this carrier is an excellent, fuss-free investment, with all the features a parent could ask for in one product.

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