Top 5 Best Baby Bottles For Reflux (2020 Review)

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When you have a baby in your life, your clothes sometimes double as spit up rags – even if you have a towel on your shoulder!

Some babies have more severe reflux issues.

This means that sometimes a simple post-feed burping can turn into a sticky bath for you and baby both.

If this sounds familiar, read on, mama!

best baby bottles for reflux

All cleaned up?

If you’re spending time after every feeding mopping a flood of spit up from your shoulder, you’ve probably already wondered if there was anything you can do to stem the tide.

One of the most effective ways to ease your little one’s tummy troubles is to use special bottles for reflux. These are specially designed with low flow nipples and venting to keep extra air from being swallowed.

Keep reading to learn more.

Our Top Bottles For Reflux Picks

Baby need burping again? We've been there.

Here’s a quick look of our top five bottles for reflux.

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Why does my baby spit up?

For babies, a little bit of spit up is normal after eating. If you’ve ever sped through a meal and had to burp afterward, it’s the same concept! Your baby swallows air while feeding, and burping gets the air bubbles out of their tummy. These burps usually bring up a bit of food with them.

Reflux problems are a bit different.

Spit Happens

If you’ve settled down to burp your baby after a feeding, you already know to be prepared. A towel over your shoulder can catch most after-meal burps. These occur for a few reasons, the most common being air in the tummy that was swallowed during feeding.

Another common reason for spitting up is if your little one overeats. Just like you feel overstuffed after a big meal, your baby feels the same way, and does what they can to help relieve the pressure on their stomach.

Reflux Review

Most people think reflux different than just spitting up.

Guess what? The medical term for spitting up is reflux. If your baby is spitting up a mouthful – or even two! – it’s completely normal.

There can be some complications. Like in adults, babies can get acid reflux. This means their stomach acid is coming up into their esophagus. While it rarely is spit up or vomited, the pain can mean a cranky baby.

Some babies can have severe health complications that have reflux as a symptom. These can only be diagnosed by a doctor. If you feel your little one is spitting up more than normal, or if they’re fussing and unsettled during and after feeding, call the doctor and make an appointment.

When To Call A Doctor

  • Take a look: Spit up should look very similar to what your baby ate. If your baby’s reflux has a red or green tinge, there may be a problem. Red can signify blood, while green could be from bile.
  • Don’t tear up: Normal reflux should come up smoothly and quickly. If the simple act of spitting up makes your baby cry, or seems to cause them pain, there could be an underlying problem that a doctor can diagnose.
  • Go with your gut: Ultimately, you know your baby best. If something seems off, don’t hesitate to call your pediatrician. It could be nothing, but won’t you feel better knowing that’s all it is?

What are the signs of normal reflux?

Now that you know that reflux is totally normal, you can focus on looking for the signs that make it normal! Once you have these spotted, you can get bottles for reflux to help lessen them even more.

First, know that a normal amount of reflux is one to two mouthfuls. This might seem like a lot written out, but remember: a baby’s mouth is a lot smaller than yours! It only takes a time or two seeing a baby spit up to know what is normal and what would likely be considered too much.

When your little one spits up, they shouldn’t seem in distress or crying. The reflux should come up within a minute or so of gentle burping if it needs to come at all.

Finally, a baby without reflux problems shouldn’t have trouble feeding: no coughing, sputtering, or choking should occur. Bottles for reflux can help with this, as they are designed to be lower flow and have special venting to prevent excess air from being swallowed.

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How can I prevent reflux?

There are a few simple steps you can take to help prevent reflux issues. 

  • Use a specially designed bottle for reflux to help prevent extra air from being swallowed.
  • Feed your baby when they’re in a reclining position. If they are laying down while they feed, extra air can get trapped in every mouthful.
  • Burp throughout the feeding, rather than just at the end. Aim for a burping after every 2-3 ounces.
  • Don’t overfeed your baby! Even if the bottle isn’t empty, if your little one is turning away from the food, they may not have any more room.

Bottles for Reflux

Baby bottles specially designed to help prevent reflux may help your baby’s spitting up be less of a mess.

Bottles for reflux are often used by mothers whose babies have colic or gas, as all three things have one thing in common: air swallowed by feeding. Both the bottle and nipple are designed with vents to regulate air flow, keeping it out of your baby’s mouth and making sure food is the only thing headed toward their tummy.

As an FYI, we also have an in-depth guide specifically about baby bottles and colic. Check that out here.

Our Top Bottles For Reflux

Avent’s bottles are popular, and for good reason. Their ease of use, multiple nipple size availability, compatibility with other Avent products and quality make ensure your baby will get the food they need and none of the air they don’t.


  • Compatible with other Avent products
  • Available for newborns to older babies
  • Easy to clean
  • Simple one-piece design
  • Air-free venting system


  • A bit more costly than others
  • Slight learning curve for positioning

If you’re switching from breastfeeding to bottle, or going back and forth, these are ideal. The soft nipple simulates breastfeeding, and the angled shape makes it easy to have your baby in the right position for feeding the first time, every time.


  • Great for switching from breast to bottle
  • Compatible with all Medela breast pumps
  • Easy to clean


  • Lots of pieces to clean
  • Can't be warmed in the microwave

The weighted straw is what sets this bottle apart from the crowd. This neat little addition means your baby can eat without getting extra air in any position. Once your issues with reflux are under control, you can remove the straw and use it as a regular bottle…. But be sure to hold onto it; it works with the company’s sippy cups, too!


  • Removable weighted straw
  • Easy assembly 
  • BPA free
  • All pieces are dishwasher safe


  • Straw cannot be used in microwave
  • Some leaking

When the venting is built right into the nipples provided, the bottle is made for your needs. This bottle not only has built-in venting, the nipple design mimics the shape of a breast which helps with bottle rejection.


  • Ergonomic shape makes for easy  holding
  • ​Chemical free​​​​
  • Off center nipple provides continuous flow


  • Very slow flow
  • Leaky

Ergonomically designed, vented nipples, and angled for easy feeding: how can you go wrong? This bottle even comes in a variety of colors if you like to coordinate your baby’s bottles with their outfits!


  • Good venting system
  • Trusted brand
  • Angled for easy feeding


  • Lid does not stay on
  • Leaks easily and frequently
  • Numbering fades quickly

Our #1 Bottle For Reflux

It was a close race, but the Avent bottles took the top spot in our heart for the best bottles for reflux. Their simple yet efficient design, along with the compatibility with other Avent products, took them to number one.

Why we love this product:

  • Amazing ventilation
  • Quality construction

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