Top 5 Best Baby Carrier For Travel (2022 Review)

In this Baby Schooling guide, you will learn the following:

  • The most popular babywearing products that will help you during travel
  • A well-researched guide to help you understand the significance of travel baby carriers
  • A detailed analysis of our selected toddler carriers with their pros and cons
  • And much more!

top best baby carrier for travel review

Below is a quick list of all our top products. Keep scrolling to learn more about how to choose and use the best baby carrier for travel.

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Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

(updated as of 06/16/2020)

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BABYBJORN Baby Carrier Original

  • It can bear weight up to 35lbs.
  • Easy to wear and light to carry.
  • The straps and buckles are of good quality and can be adjusted easily.

Your quest for the best baby carrier for travel is over. BabyBjorn is one brand that has dominated the market with its quality-oriented, classy, and trendy baby products.

With an experience of 35 years in the field, the products by Babybjorn are improving day by day in quality and are being loved by parents.

Their dedication to serving customers with finest quality products can be judged by the fact that not only the best quality material and technology is used in the production process, but rather special input from medical experts and professionals is also sought out so that the buyers can enjoy a wholesome experience with their baby gear.

The BabyBjorn baby carrier original has been an absolute delight for parents as it has exceeded their expectations with its new features and modern look. You can put this carrier on easily in a matter of minutes and be free from the extra complicated, time-consuming steps which leave you with zero energy. 

Placing your little one in this ergonomic carrier is a simple procedure and you will be instantly relieved to see your young one enjoying a sound sleep in the soft and cozy material of this seat. Rather than tiptoeing around the house so that your baby doesn’t wake up, you can easily unfasten the side latches and remove the baby from the carrier without disrupting their sleep. 

These carriers are available in mesh and cotton, either way, the fabric will be soft, light, and breathable-giving you the comfort you need. The buckles and straps of this carrier are strong and sturdy; they will give you enhanced control over your own as well as the baby’s body as you carry them and move around.

These carriers do not restrict the healthy movement of the baby, rather it facilitates it. With wide openings on both sides, babies can move their arms and legs and feel energized rather than suffering from the pain of numb arms and legs because of immobility. 

For further convenience, this carrier has head support which is softer than a cushion and does not press hard against the baby’s head. The front opening of this carrier is its striking feature as it gives the baby space enough to look around and observe the outside world. If you are concerned about your baby’s neck, back, and hips being negatively affected due to a baby carrier, then worry not! 

This carrier will not harm the physical growth of your baby as its back section will give babies the support they need by keeping their back in an upright position. You can adjust the overall length of this carrier and it can be used for babies aged up to 12 months. With these carriers, you can tie your baby to your chest and keep a close eye on their movements and let them enjoy your close presence. 

Top 5 Best Baby Carriers for Travel

Short on time? We understand. Check out this quick overview of our favorite baby carriers for travel.

  1. Babybjorn Baby Carrier Original
  2. Baby K’tan Original Baby Wrap Carrier
  3. Infantino Flip 4-in-1 Convertible Carrier
  4. Baby Wrap Carrier All In One
  5. Contours Journey 5-in-1 Child & Baby Carrier

What are Baby Carriers For Travel?

Travelling is one of those leisure activities which guarantees peace of mind and contentment, however, if you make the mistake of traveling unequipped with a baby, then be sure to lose all your peace of mind.

Back carry option represents a modern take on the classic strollers. Even though strollers are handy and beneficial, yet in the fast-moving pace of our current world, they feel a bit unsuited. 

When you are traveling, you are on the go and you do not have the luxury of time and space to keep a stroller, and that is where a backpack carrier becomes a lifesaver.

Backpack-style baby gears were made in order to enable parents to move freely without the hassle of pushing and folding in and opening up like in cases of other baby products. As such, there is no difference between a regular baby carrier and a travel carrier-as both are essentially made to provide you with ease of use in moving around. 

If you are using a stroller during traveling, your biggest worry is how to manage it, but with carriers, you are hands-free and can explore around freely. Another big concern during traveling is the safety of the babies from strangers and unwanted interactions which could easily irritate the young ones-the benefit of a carrier is that it protects your little one from all such factors by keeping them close to you.

Additionally, carriers act as little havens for the babies and let them easily enjoy their nap times without causing any inconvenience in your travel plans. 

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What Are The Different Types of Baby Carriers For Travel?

Baby gear is not limited to a single type of product, rather there is a huge variety of items that fall under the category of carriers. Depending on your needs and requirements, you can select the most appropriate carrier for you.

Following is an explanation which will help you in understanding the different types of carriers available in the market:

1. Front-facing carriers

With these carriers, you tie the baby to your chest rather than placing them to your back. You will enjoy the convenience these carriers provide for placing the baby in or taking them out. They are ideal for traveling, as their strong buckles and straps will lock in the baby and let you move fast.

2. Hip carriers

The name of this carrier type is self-explanatory. These carriers let you carry the child around by letting them rest on your hip. If you are planning to go to a crowded place, then this might not be the most ideal carrier to have.

3. Backpacks

They have a sturdy frame that consists of a seat and is surrounded by straps and belts which will help you secure the little one in a stable position. With features like a huge storage compartment and sun protection, this product is most suitable for adventurous outdoor activities like hiking and camping.

4. Slings

Slings are made from soft and smooth cloth and are thus inexpensive and budget-friendly. It should be kept in mind that they are not very safe when you are traveling and it’s better to use them inside the home.

5. Wraps

Wraps are famous for being lightweight and easy to use. Moreover, they will save you from the expense of buying overpriced carriers and provide you with the comfort and security needed for long trips. 

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What makes Baby Carrier For Travel Different From Any Other Product?

Baby carriers are the popular choice of parents as they are easy to wear and have modern features such as sleeping hood, hip belt, and sun hood. They are great at weight distribution.

The adjustable shoulder straps with buckles and waist belts are a unique feature of carriers that you do not find in slings and wraps. Similarly, many carriers give you the option to increase or decrease the width of the seat, this is also another benefit that is not available in sling and wraps.

Most carriers have storage pouches and pockets with mesh panels which lets you carry your essentials while performing your parental duties.

Sling is a traditional product that is made from cloth and can be worn only one way. You place one end of the sling over your shoulder and the other across your torso, thus an opening is created which serves as a seat and carrier for the baby.

Since the sling is made from cloth and has no additional features such as infant insert or back support, most parents prefer to use it only at home. It is recommended to educate the wearer about the benefits and potential ways of usage before deciding to buy it.

Wraps are similar to slings as both are made from cloth. Slings are suitable for infants while wraps can be used until toddlerhood as they can manage to carry weight up to 35 pounds.

Most users feel that wraps have a disadvantage of being too complicated to wear, therefore it is recommended that one should learn thoroughly about how to tie and wear a baby wrap in the most efficient manner. 

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What do you look for in the Best Baby Carrier For Travel?

Buying a baby carrier is an easy task if you know what features you want in it and how exactly you are planning to use it. Following is a list of factors you should consider when buying a carrier:

  1. Comfort– the carrier must be adjustable. This quality is extremely important as it ensures comfort for you and the young one. The seat should neither be too narrow nor too wide that it becomes a nuisance for you-additionally it should have wide openings on the sides to let your baby feel free. Similarly, it should be lightweight and easy to wear and carry as this will give comfort to the parents.
  2. The material-the foundation of a good carrier lies in the quality of material used in its production. Materials like jersey, pure cotton, and mesh have proven to make some of the best quality soft structured carriers as these materials feel good against the body and they are perfect for the sensitive skin of the baby.
  3. Safety-the sole purpose of having a carrier is providing safety to the little one. A carrier is able to make you feel safe and secure by keeping the baby near you. The straps and belts of a carrier play a huge role in this and thus they should be of the highest quality.
  4. Easy to clean– using the carrier day in and day out exposes it to all sorts of factors that can make it dirty. Carriers are designed for convenience and thus you should select one which can be cleaned easily and quickly. Additionally, parents should aim to clean the carrier on a regular basis to keep it in its perfect condition. 

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Do Baby Carrier For Travel Actually Work?

Yes, they do. One of the reasons why carriers are so popular and always in demand is because their utility rate is very high and they satisfy the parents with immediate comfort and ease.

Buying a carrier will save you from the hassle and constant worry of monitoring every next move of your baby. As you carry the baby with you by keeping them close to you-you are able to keep a check on them easily.

Moreover, babies and infants develop separation anxiety and this can create them cranky and moody all the time. With the help of a carrier, you can soothe all such fears that they might have.

did you know baby carrier for travel fact

Also, for many parents the joy of taking their young baby along with them on travels has only been possible because of carriers, this factor is enough to show us how practical and useful this device is. The biggest benefit of these carriers which makes them a must-have for travel is that they will let you be hands-free and move freely.

This factor is the unique quality only of a carrier as with other baby products, you have to worry about managing them, storing them, protecting them which only makes them trouble for you.

Are Baby Carriers For Travel Actually Safe For Babies?

Yes, they are. While you might be concerned for your baby’s overall growth being impacted by a carrier-research and experts suggest that there is nothing to worry about.

Carriers are designed in such a way that they only benefit the growth of the baby. The back section of the carriers is made in a way that it provides support to the young one’s back, hips and legs and make them accustomed to the habit of sitting in a comfy but upright position.

The headrest of these carriers is good for the sensitive neck of the baby as it also gives support to the baby. Moreover, the opening of the front area allows the baby to develop and sharpen their cognitive skills by looking at the surroundings and new environments.

Similarly, the openings on the sides of carriers give the babies an opportunity to move their arms and legs and they learn the skill of balancing their body weight. Also, by having your baby close to you- you are able to nurture a strong bond and connection with them which might not have been possible if you had used some other device. 

Top Best Baby Carrier For Travel Reviewed

Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier Original

Serving young babies and customers has been an honor for Babybjorn which they have been enjoying since 1973. With an ever-growing family of loyal customers, Babybjorn has managed to achieve success through every single product of theirs.

 It’s no surprise that their baby carrier original is one of the most remarkable products to exist.

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This carrier is available in cotton and mesh which are of the finest quality. The benefit of these materials is that they will make you feel comfy while you carry the young one. The inner lining of the carrier feels soft and smooth; and will make your baby fall instantly in love with it.

The versatility of this product is unmatched as it can be used for two different positions which the baby will enjoy. You can let the little one enjoy the view of his surroundings through the “facing out” position or you can let him feel the warmth of your presence with the “facing in” position. 

The adjustable head support of this carrier will let your baby relax completely and also provide sufficient backing for the neck. The sturdy back area will let the baby feel comfy and give them a stable position to sit in.


  • It can bear weight up to 35lbs.
  • Easy to wear and light to carry.
  • The straps and buckles are of good quality and can be adjusted easily.


  • Not easy to clean and takes a long time to dry.

Baby K’tan Original Baby Wrap Carrier

BabyK’tan original baby wrap carrier is considered as a must-have item for all people who are looking for a simple, affordable yet extremely effective baby carrier. This carrier has managed to cater to customers with all these benefits and much more.

Without the complications of belts, buckles and straps, this wrap is extremely easy to wear and comfortable as well. 

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You do not have to master the art of complicated steps to wear this, just one try and you will learn to appreciate its simplicity in design.

Made from 100 percent pure cotton which is breathable, this carrier will not irritate the baby by making him feel congested. More so, you will also not be burdened with extra weight like it happens in the case of hard materials, rather you will feel light and easy.

The size range of this carrier accommodates all sizes as it is available in XXS to XL size. This makes this product extremely versatile and customer friendly.


  • It can be used for five different carry positions.
  •  Made from pure cotton.
  • Simple and easy to wear.


  • The warning tag which is sewn in this carrier causes irritation.

Infantino Flip 4-in-1 Carrier

Infantino is famous for its multipurpose and versatile products. The 4 in 1 carrier by Infantino is not only famous for its high utility but, the trendy and classy look it has, has made it a favorite of every parent.

The seat of this carrier can be adjusted and you can choose to widen its width or make it narrow as per your need.

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The shoulder straps and waist belt of this carrier make you feel extra safe. The padding is so soft that it will provide comfort to your body. You can use this carrier in four different ways which makes it a product worthy of your investment.

For your ease, this carrier comes with a bib that you can attach to keep the young rider feeling fresh and clean. Also, you do not have to go through the difficulty of handwashing this carrier as it is machine washable.


  • It can be used in four different ways.
  • The seat is adjustable.
  • It is machine washable.


  • The drool cover falls off easily and causes inconvenience.

Baby Wrap Carrier by Keababies

Baby wrap carriers by Keababies are the ultimate device to have for your baby’s day out. These wrap carriers are not like the ordinary wraps, rather they come in different prints and styles which gives it a classy look.

The sizing of this carrier is perfect for every body type.

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The premium cotton spandex of this carrier is stretchable and soft which will make you feel light and comfortable.

While many carriers are good for carrying the baby, they are not useful for other activities. This wrap will allow you to breastfeed your baby with ease without making things difficult and uncomfortable for you. The lower part of this wrap which you will tie around your waist-also acts as a postpartum belt.


  • Comes in different colors and styles.
  • Affordable and budget-friendly.
  • It has high elasticity and is stretchable.


  • It is not very breathable.

Contours Journey 5 in 1 Child Carrier

Contours baby carriers are the perfect item to assist your babies on their new journeys. The soft jersey fabric of this carrier makes it easy to wear and gives you the convenience that is needed for carrying the young one.

This carrier has three spacious zippered pockets that can be utilized to keep items and access them easily.

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It has an additional sunshade that you attach to protect the young one from harsh weather conditions. This sunshade is foldable and can be stored in one of the zippered pockets.

You can use this carrier in 5 different carry positions which will let your baby enjoy a new view every time without making them feel bored. The padded shoulder straps and waistband sits perfectly on the body and grants you control over your movements.


  • It is made from soft jersey fabric.
  • It can be used in 5 different carry positions.
  • It has strong and sturdy buckles and belts.


  • Expensive and costly.

Our Top Pick: Baby Bjorn

Your quest for the best baby carrier for travel is over. BabyBjorn is one brand that has dominated the market with its quality-oriented, classy, and trendy baby products. With an experience of 35 years in the field, the products by Babybjorn are improving day by day in quality and are being loved by parents.

Their dedication to serving customers with finest quality products can be judged by the fact that not only the best quality material and technology is used in the production process, but rather special input from medical experts and professionals is also sought out so that the buyers can enjoy a wholesome experience with their baby gear.

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Final Thoughts On Baby Carrier For Travel

The concept of easy and safe travel only became a reality due to products like baby carriers. Long gone are the days when traveling with a young one was a problem, now you can travel along with your family and that also with comfort and convenience.

Our recommended products will assist you in every possible way in your journeys. Make your dream trip a reality today simply by packing your bag, wrapping your little one in the carrier, and starting that new journey with the confidence of having your little partner with you.