Top 5 Best Baby Carrier For Active Parents (2022 Review)

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In this BabySchooling guide, you will learn the following:

  • Which carriers are comfortable for active parents
  • The kinds of carriers you can purchase
  • Which carriers support your child in different stages of development
  • And much more!
Baby Carrier For Active Parents
Our Top Picks

Below is a summary of the top picks from our team. Each pick as the key findings as well as "badges" to help you understand where each pick fell in our ranking. "Best Overall" is a combination of price and value. "Best Budget" is great for parents who want a top quality product but are on a tighter budget. "High End" is for parents who just want the best, and price is no object.



How did we pick these products?

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Tula Explore Baby Carrier

Multiple carrying positions allow you to feel close to your little one at all times

Padded adjustable neck and head support

Adjustable padded shoulder straps for multiple wearers


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Babybjorn Baby Carrier Original

Designed for extra closeness as babies like to cuddle

Padded adjustable head support so that you can still use when your baby gets older

Small and easy to use- put on and taken off without assistance


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Lillebaby The Complete Airflow 360

Allows backpack style carrying, therefore great for toddlerhood

Ergonomic design ensures optimal weight distribution

Large pockets provide great for storage for essentials

Reviews of Each Pick

Below are our detailed reviews of each product. Each product included in this review is reviewed by our team of parenting experts. Parents with 1,000s of hours testing and working with products to help you pick the best one for your specific situation.


Tula Explore Baby Carrier


Multiple carry positions

Made from soft and breathable 100% cotton

No infant inserts needed


Has a higher price tag compared to other best baby wraps

  • Vibrant color options to choose from
  • Promotes healthy spine and hip development
  • Great rating score at Amazon

An excellent baby carrier from newborn to toddler with its stylish design and multiple carrying positions, Tula is great for any active parent. The padded shoulder straps and the expandable waistband is perfect for any body type. Tula is a recommended brand and is on the list of healthy hip products with the International Hip Dysplasia Institute. The mesh fabric also helps with air circulation for both you and your baby.


Babybjorn Baby Carrier Original


Not bulky at all

Fits all body types

Support for baby’s hips, neck, spine, and head


Babybjorn doesn’t include a waist belt

No storage for baby products

  • Developed with pediatricians to give correct support
  • Perfect for newborns because of the closeness
  • Wide padded shoulder straps

This baby carrier is a classic, easy to use, and perfect for the parents of a  newborn baby.

With its excellent head and neck support that was designed alongside pediatricians, you can feel secure in the fact that your baby is well supported. Babybjorn allows 2 different ways to carry your child and these are front inward-facing and front forward-facing. The front forward-facing should only be used when your baby can hold up his or her head without any support. 


Lillebaby The Complete Airflow 360


Versatile so that you can use any way you need

Great back support

Sleeping hood for support and sun protection


Not comfortable for shorter parents

Air mesh not as useful as described

  • Six ergonomic carrying positions
  • Provides lumbar support
  • Made from 3D mesh fabric for air circulation

Lillebaby carrier is one of the best baby carriers for active parents on the market with 6 different carry positions, alongside great support and cool air mesh for circulation. The carrier supports the wearer too with extra padded shoulder straps and an extra-wide waistband. For kiddos, there is an extendable back panel that folds down when you want to use the forward front-facing position.  Folds back up as extra back support for new babies.

Clevr Cross Country Baby Backpack


Provide sun and rain canopy

Vibrant color options like Orange and Green


Poor-fitting according to some Amazon reviews

Flimsy seat for the baby

Difficult to get used to

    • Has a lightweight frame
    • Metal stand for easy access
    • Can be used up to 48 months

    This is a backpack-style carrier for active parents who love the great outdoors. It is ideal for older babies between the ages of 9-48 months.

    There are multiple pockets and holders for two water bottles, therefore you don’t need a diaper bag or anything else to carry while out hiking with your child. There are adjustable foot stirrups for your child so that their legs are not dangling. The straps are well-padded and adjustable for the parent, as well as adjustable straps for your child. 

Ergobaby Carrier 360


Offers a comfortable and an ergonomic carrying experience

Easy to adjust for multiple wearers and provide back support


Drool pad is made of thin material

Infant Insert needed for newborn babies

  • All positions baby carrier
  • Tuck-away babyhood
  • Adjustable head and neck support

Ergobaby is a soft structured carrier that has excellent comfort for both wearer and baby. Ergobaby 360 has an adjustable waistband and padded shoulder straps and also built-in lumbar support.

As the 360 name suggests this carrier can be used for many different positions, front carry facing out, front carry facing in, back carry and hip carry. Ergobaby offers extra support and comfort for all forms of walking or even hiking. It offers more support than the basic wraparound carriers or also the Mai Tei baby carriers. The soft fabric makes for a comfortable ride for kiddos.

Buying & Use Guide

Top 5 Best Baby Carriers for Active Parents

Short on time? We understand. Check out this quick overview of our favorite baby carriers for active parents.

Short on time? We understand. Check out this quick overview of our favorite baby carriers for active parents.

  1. Tula Explore Baby Carrier
  2. Babybjorn Baby Carrier Original
  3. Lillebaby The Complete Airflow 360
  4. Clevr Cross Country Baby Backpack
  5. Ergobaby Carrier 360

What are Baby Carriers For Active Parents?

Baby carriers are better than strollers or car seats for active parents. Babywearing allows you to move around with more freedom and comfort.

They are ergonomic and great for walks, doing activities around the house, or even hiking. These baby products that come in different shapes like a baby wrap with a ring sling or mei tai made from breathable material make life much easier for parents who like to get about. 

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What Are The Different Types of Baby Carriers For Active Parents?

There are many different types of baby carriers for active parents. The simple wrap carrier is perfect for wrapping a baby up in a cuddle and at the same time allows you to get on with work around the house. 

Soft-structured baby carriers made out of breathable materials are more versatile, they can be used for many more activities, such as trips to the shops, walks in the park, and even short hikes. These carriers distribute the baby’s weight to your hips and offer the wearer a lot more support.

did you know baby carrier for active parents fact

These carriers have multiple carrying positions and can be used for many months.

The baby carrier backpacks usually have a lightweight frame and are for older babies to toddlerhood. These are good for the long-distance hiker as they usually have extra storage for added extras as well as sun and rain hoods. 

What Makes Baby Carrier For Active Parents Different From Any Other Product?

There are no specific carriers for active parents, in fact, the aim of the carrier is to make the parent have a chance at being more active. There are of course different kinds of carriers and each carrier has a different purpose. 

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How do Baby Carrier For Active Parents Work?

Baby carriers allow you to become handsfree but at the same time still, interact with your child. Child carriers allow you to have a great experience with your child, talk to them while shopping or enjoy the countryside with them on a short hike.

They are much more practical than strollers or car seats as you are limited to where you can walk with a stroller, but with the best baby carriers, you can walk through fields and around a town with much more ease.

What Do You Look For In The Best Baby Carrier For Active Parents?

The best criteria to look for in the best baby carriers for active parents is comfort. If you are planning to carry your child for a long distance then you need something that is comfortable for you both.

Depending on the activity storage is also a good thing to look for as you may want a handsfree pack and not have to carry water bottles or baby supplies in another carrier. Make sure that there is plenty of support for the little one and the seat is comfortable for them.

You will probably want to make sure that they can fall asleep in the carrier and still be comfortable. A must is, of course, washable and stretchy fabric, this carrier will get dirty and will need washing. 

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Does Baby Carrier For Active Parents Actually Work?

Of course, they do, they allow freedom and at the same time, you can still have contact with your child. There is nothing better than having your newborn baby asleep on your chest while walking around the park.

Your baby feels content as he or she can hear your heartbeat, you feel happy as you can feel your baby’s peace, and at the same time you are both getting fresh air and the parent is getting a form of exercise. Please also don’t forget that babywearing is a learning curve and it just gets better as time passes.

Do you still have hesitations? Check out Amazon reviews to see what other active parents have said about.

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Are Baby Carriers For Active Parents Actually Safe For Babies?

When you are choosing the carrier be certain what you will use it for. Wraparounds are great but not useful for long distances as they don’t give the wearer enough support, back carriers are great for an older baby and a parent who is physically fit and enjoys long walks and hiking.

The soft structured carriers are the ones in between they give support but at the same time are more lightweight than the backpack carriers.

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